MefCO2 Stakeholder Community


Through the MefCO2 Stakeholder Community, the MefCO2 Consortium aims to involve relevant stakeholders in the implementation and the results of the project.

The Stakeholder Community will be used to:

  • Broadly disseminate information on the project and its progress to the wider low carbon economy community in the EU, including utilities, energy storage technology developers,  large industries, end users, research institutions, universities, public authorities, and other interested third parties.
  • Enhance awareness and visibility of the matters connected to the EU's Climate Action Plan, starting with the 2020 Package and associated binding legislation to ensure the EU meets its climate and energy targets for the year 2020 and beyond.
  • Enable coordination and collaborative work by allowing actors in the industry value chain, academia and public authorities to work together within the framework of the MefCO2 project on the following thematic areas:
    • Catalyst synthesis, characterisation and performance
    • Process modelling and optimisation
    • CO2 capture
    • Water electrolysis
    • CO2 hydrogenation  for methanol production
    • Policies and Standards
    • Case studies (i.e. cost drivers, revenue sources, exploitation channels, etc.)
  • Support the identification of further research opportunities.

General membership

MefCO2 Consortium knows that different stakeholders could be interested, willing or able to participate with varying levels of commitment and active participation. For that reason a single general membership is offered, which allows stakeholders to be updated and provides them with the opportunity to give feedback whenever they would like to.

All members will:

  • Provide feedback to the project;
  • Be invited to the Stakeholder Community Meeting when organised;
  • Receive project updates;
  • Have access to public results and findings as they arise;
  • Have the opportunity to meet and exchange with leading experts and professionals actively working towards the low carbon economy;

Who can become a member?

Participation in the MefCO2 Stakeholder Community is open to all stakeholders willing to be part of the low carbon economy transition who are interested in exchanging ideas and knowledge and discussing the information and data needs necessary to enhance the European knowledge base

Individuals and organisations from target groups are being invited to join the Stakeholder Community and include:

  • utilities
  • producers / suppliers of energy storage technology developers
  • construction firms
  • engineers / advisers
  • logistics managers
  • policy makers
  • Researchers

If you are interested in becoming part of our community contact the project coordinator on the following email address:

You can download this information here

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement
No 637016.


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